Settlement of bets

Why has my bet not been settled yet?  

All bets are settled as soon as possible after the final whistle and receipt of the official result. Depending on the league (especially smaller leagues) it may take some time until we have the official result.  


 Why can there be delays in bet settlements? 

Bets are usually settled within 10 to 15 minutes after the end of the event. Results of live bets may be settled during live breaks, such as half-time (provided the results of the relevant betting markets are known). 

During busy periods with a high volume of bets on popular events, there may be delays in the settlement of bets. At all times, we make every effort to settle bets as quickly as possible. 

At peak times, such as weekend evenings, there may be a large increase in betting markets passing through our settlement system. We ask for your patience, as this may cause unavoidable delays in the settlement of bets due to queues and confirmation of results. 

Please note that a bet cannot be settled until we have received official confirmation of the result from several sources. If there is any ambiguity in the result of an event, the settlement of the bet will be delayed until the result is confirmed. 

If you have any questions regarding the settlement of a bet, please have the bet ID and other details ready when you contact our customer service. This will help us to process the matter quickly and efficiently. 


What do I do if I think my bet was evaluated incorrectly? 

Please contact our customer support via email or chat. We will be happy to help you and check the bet. 


What is a bet ID? 

A Bet ID is a unique identification number for a transaction in your account. With the help of the bet ID we can find all the details of this transaction as quickly as possible in case of any queries. 

To find the bet ID, go to "My account". There, you can search for the corresponding transaction under the headings "Open" or "Settled". 

Using the filters, you can find the desired transaction and view more details with one click. 

For example, if you are looking for an open bet, click on the drop-down menu to view the full information of the bet, including the bet ID. 


Where can I see my placed bets?  

By clicking on the avatar (small head icon) in the top right corner, a new window will open. Here you can find all your bets under "My bets". You can choose whether you want to see all open or settled bets. A click on the respective bet shows you all games with the betting odds and the settlement.  

The listing is in chronological order, starting with the current bet. 


Where can I see the status of my placed bets?  

All bets that have not yet been settled can be found under open bets. As soon as the bet has been settled, it will no longer be displayed as "Open", but only under "Settled".  

On the right, you will see the status of the bet as "Won" or "Lost". If the bet is won, the winnings minus the betting tax will be displayed.  

Clicking on the bet will show you the bet details (games bet, time the bet was placed, transaction ID, etc.).   


Why was my bet cancelled? 

Possible reasons why your bet was voided: 


Late bet 

You placed your bet at a time when the betting market should have been closed. For example: you placed a bet on team A to score the second goal after the goal has already been scored. 

Palpable error/apparent odds error 

You have placed your bet at the wrong odds. 



You have opened a new account after a self-exclusion and placed a bet within the exclusion period. In this case, we will void all transactions, regardless of whether your bet is won or lost. 


Postponed matches 

Bets on postponed soccer matches will be voided as soon as we receive the information. Bets on other sports are usually void if the match is postponed for more than 24 hours. For more information, please see the individual betting rules. 

You can find more information regarding void bets in your e-mails from us, or contact our customer service at any time via Live Chat or e-mail. You can also fill in a contact form under "Submit a request" and send it to us by clicking the "Submit" button afterwards. 

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