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How can I find the sports offered?

By clicking on "Sports" in the menu bar on the left, all sports on which sports betting is offered are displayed. 

What do the three dots next to the sport mean? 

For some sports, there are three vertically arranged dots next to the sport. Clicking on them will open the most popular leagues of that sport, and the three dots will be displayed horizontally.

How do I find specific games?

To find a specific game, please click on the sport in the menu bar on the left. A new window will open. By clicking on the "Competitions" button at the top of the page, all the leagues and competitions offered for the sport will be displayed.

Is there a search function for individual games or teams?

Yes, you can find the search function in the navigation menu on the left side. Click on "Search" and the search mask will open. There you can search for teams or players, but also for competitions and tournaments as well as individual sports.

Why are some betting markets not offered?

Due to the new German sports betting licence, some betting markets are no longer allowed. These include bets on amateur sports, children’s, and youth sports, as well as bets on throw-ins, corners, number of yellow/red cards or number of fouls.

Why are no political or entertainment bets offered?

Entertainment bets such as bets on the Eurovision Song Contest or the Oscars are prohibited, as are political bets (e.g., on the next German Chancellor).

Where can I find e-sports betting?

Since e-sports do not count as sports in Germany, these bets have also been banned due to the new gambling regulations. Therefore, you will not find these bets on our site any more.

Where can I find horse or dog betting?

Horse or dog bets are also banned due to the new German sports betting licence and therefore not in the betting offer.


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