Bet placement

How do I place a bet?  

In the menu on the left, you can choose which games you want to bet on from all the different sports and games. As soon as you click on the respective game and the odds, the game will automatically be added to your betting slip. Your betting slip will be displayed on the right. Depending on how many games you have selected, you can choose above the betting slip whether you want to place a single, accumulator or multiple bet.  

 Below the individual games, you can enter the respective bet on the games. At the very bottom, you will then see the total stake and the possible maximum win.  

 By clicking on the green button "Place bet", the bet is confirmed and placed. A cancellation is no longer possible after that.  


How do I place an accumulator/ACCA bet on sports? 

If you want to place an accumulator bet with at least 3 selections, you must do the following: 

Add the three (or more) betting markets you want to have in the multiple bet to your bet slip. For example: Team 1 wins, Team 2 wins, Team 3 wins. 

Open your betting slip and enter your bet in the "Accumulator" field. 

If you want to place your bet with bonus credit, make sure that 'Use bonus credit' is ticked on your betting slip. 

Then click on 'Place bets'. 


How can I place a bet with bonus money?  

If you have bonus on your account, then you will see "Bonus available" with a small gift icon on the betting slip below the amount entry. 

In addition, a little further down, there is a slider "Use bonus" with a small gift icon. You can use the bonus for playing by moving the slider at "Use bonus" to the right.  

The gift icon "Bonus available" or the slider "Use bonus" will only be displayed if you fulfil the bonus conditions. I.e., if the bonus is only valid for soccer games, but you have a basketball game on the betting slip, then you will not see a gift icon, or you will not be able to activate the "Use bonus" slider.  

However, note that the bet will be deducted from the winnings again afterwards, as it is bonus money. Therefore, the winnings will also vary. If you do not activate the slider, you will play with your real money. 


How do I know that my bet was placed successfully? 

This is how you know that you have successfully placed your bet: 

You will see a confirmation of your bet directly on the betting slip. 

In addition, a link will appear on the betting slip that will take you to your account, where you will find your bet under "My bets”. 

If you go to your bets under "My account" and it is there. 

Now all you must do is cross your fingers that your bet wins. 

Speaking of winning, the maximum gross profit shown on the bet slip is the profit based on the accepted odds and stake, not a guaranteed payout. 


Why can't I place my bet, or the bet was rejected?  

Possible reasons are:  

The betting account is not yet fully verified.  

There is not enough credit/bonus in the account.  

The betting limit for the game has been reached.  

There has been an odds change for the game and the original odds are no longer available. 

Rejection by our bookmakers: Our bookmakers cannot accept your bet. However, they can offer you lower odds or a lower stake for the bet.  

The betting period has ended: The match has already started and is no longer available as a pre-event betting market.  

The selected games cannot be combined with each other, but can only be bet as a single bet. 

Failed deposit: The deposit you wanted to make at the same time as placing the bet has failed. 

Single bets in an accumulator bet: Some special bets cannot be combined, but are only available as single bets. 


I am told that I do not have enough credit when I try to place my bet: Why? 

If you receive this error message, you will not be able to place your bet(s) until you make further deposits, or you reduce your stake. 

Both options are available to you after receiving the error message by selecting either 'Deposit' or 'Continue' in the same betting slip window. 

 Make sure that you have entered the bet correctly. It is easy to make a mistake, for example, by entering '100' when you intended to bet only '10'. 

 However, this error message can also sometimes occur when you have exactly the right balance to place   your bet. 

 For example, if you have a balance of €5 and try to place a bet for €5, but are prevented from doing so, the error message "Loading funds, insufficient funds in your account" will appear. 

This is due to a minor technical issue that rarely occurs and can be easily resolved if you contact us via live chat immediately after the failed bet. 


I want to place a bet that is not offered by BildBet? 

We offer a wide range of betting options, but it may happen that some special bets are not available or cannot be found on the website. 

 If you can't find a specific betting market, you can contact our customer service, which is available seven days a week via live chat or email. 

We will forward your request regarding a specific betting market to our bookmakers and inform you about the details via email. 


Why are the buttons Accumulator or Multiple greyed out and not possible?  

If the fields " Accumulator " or " Multiple " above the betting slip are greyed out, this means that the selected games cannot be combined with each other. In this case, the games can only be bet as a single bet.  


Why can I only bet X euros on my bet?  

Different leagues have different betting limits. The higher the league (e.g., 1st Bundesliga, Champions League, etc.) the higher the betting limit.  


What is the minimum stake?  

The minimum stake per betting slip is €0.06 for single and multiple bets. For a multiple bet, the minimum stake per bet line or way is €0.05.  


What is the maximum number of games I can bet on in an accumulator or a multiple bet?  

You can select a maximum of 20 games and play them on one betting slip as an accumulator or multiple bet. 


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