Betting rules

Where can I find the betting rules?

The betting rules are located on the left in the menu on the BildBet homepage. There you will find the item "Betting rules". Click on it to open a new window where you can see the rules for each sport offered.

What does 90 minutes behind the bet type mean?

All bets with 90 minutes behind the bet type refer to the regular playing time including injury time. Possible extra time or penalty shoot-outs have no influence on the settlement of bets.

Bets on the 1st half, 2nd half or other parts of the match are explicitly displayed.

What does "reg. What does "regular time" mean behind the bet type in ice hockey?

These are all bets in ice hockey that refer to the regular playing time of 60 minutes (three thirds). A possible overtime or penalty shootout has no influence on the settlement of bets.

What happens in case of interrupted/abandoned or postponed matches?

If a match is interrupted/cancelled or postponed, it always depends on the respective sport how the match is rated.

You can find the exact rules by clicking on "Betting rules" and selecting the relevant sport.

What happens to my bet if a football match is postponed?

Bets on postponed matches are void.

A match is considered postponed as soon as it is clear that it will not be played on the same calendar day at the venue.

A short time delay for any reason up to and including a maximum of eight (08) hours from the scheduled kick-off time does not count as a postponement.

The full terms and conditions for football betting can be found here.

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How are cancelled matches rated for a single, combination or system bet?

Cancelled matches are valued at the replacement rate of 1.0. This means that for a single bet you get your stake back. In the case of a combination or system bet, only the cancelled match is valued with the odds of 1.0, all other matches in the combination or system bet remain valid. If you have correctly tipped the other matches, only the total winnings will be reduced by the odds of the cancelled match. If the other matches are wrong, the bet is lost despite the cancelled match.

What influence do decisions at the "green table" have on the settlement of the bet?

Settled bets can still be changed within seventy-two (72) hours after the end of the match should BildBet's data provider or another third party subsequently correct the result. Any changes outside this period or any appeals or decisions after the match has finished will not be considered for betting purposes.

The match takes place on a neutral ground - what happens to my bet?

Matches taking place at a neutral venue do not necessarily indicate a home and away team. Therefore, all bets remain valid regardless of where the match is played.

The home team has been rotated - what does this mean for my bet?

If the home and away teams are swapped (i.e., the match takes place at the original away team's ground) then all bets on the original match are void.

In a win bet there are two winners - how will my bet on the one winner be settled?

While there will only be one winner in most win bets (e.g., Champion 1st Bundesliga, Driver World Champion Formula 1, etc.), there are also win bets where there can be more than one winner (e.g. Who will be top scorer in the 1st Bundesliga, Winner downhill skiing, etc.).

If there is more than one winner in a win bet, the stake of the bet is divided proportionally to the number of winners. Part of the stake is then won at the odds bet, while the other part is lost.

What is a palpable error/quotable error?

1.) BildBet cannot be held responsible for errors in the publication of odds which result in odds or conditions being published other than those intended.

Neither can BildBet be held responsible for accepted bets that violate this rule.

There may be several circumstances where a bet or wager is accepted by us in error or where we have made an odds error/"palpable error".

2.) We will make all reasonable efforts to locate these errors and inform customers of them as soon as possible. In relation to this type of error, we reserve the right to void the bet and refund the stake.

3.) We reserve the right to correct any obvious errors made on a placed bet and re-settle it at the correct odds.

4.) If live bets are accepted at incorrect odds and those odds are an obvious error, all bets will be void and the customer will not be notified or contacted separately.

5.) Any bet where the result is already known, including live bets, will be declared void. BildBet reserves the right to void a bet up to seven days after settlement if it turns out that the result was known at the time the bet was placed.

Please see the relevant section in our Terms and Conditions:

12.4 There may be several circumstances in which a sports bet is incorrectly accepted by BildBet or a withdrawal is incorrectly made by BildBet, including but not limited to the error originating from BildBet.

12.5 The customer will notify BildBet as soon as possible should the customer become aware of an error.

12.6 BildBet will use reasonable endeavours to detect errors and notify the customer within a reasonable time. In relation to an error, BildBet will:

12.6.1 in the first instance, void the bet and return the sports bet placed by the customer to the account; and/or

12.6.2 secondly, correct any error made in placing a bet and re-settle the same bet at the correct odds or terms that were available or should have been available from BildBet at the time the sports bet was placed, and it will be assumed that the sports bet was placed on the terms that were available for that sports bet immediately before the error occurred.

What happens in the event of incorrect match or progress information within live betting?

All live information provided, including the current score, game duration on live bets is provided as information or guidance only and will NOT be used as a basis for settling bets.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that this information is accurate, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that this information is correct. Live video transmissions are subject to delays which may vary depending on the customer. We accept no liability in the event of incorrect information.

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