What does Cash Out mean?  

Cash Out is a sports betting feature that allows you to cash out your bet before the end of the games. This gives you the opportunity to secure winnings or minimize a loss. Cash Out takes place in real time and the offer reflects the current live odds. Therefore, the amount offered depends on the course of the event you bet on and can be higher or lower than the original stake. 

Can I make a Cash-Out?  

We offer the Cash-Out feature for all bets that have the Cash-Out sign. This is a small symbol with a hand and a banknote.  

Why don't I receive a Cash-Out?  

The Cash-Out offer can change within a few seconds, especially for live bets. Therefore, it may well be that the Cash-Out is temporarily no longer offered to you or cannot be offered at all.  

Reasons that no Cash Out is offered:   

  • The game is temporarily suspended. 
  • The game is no longer available for a Cash-Out or has already ended.
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