Types of bet

What does 2-way bet mean?  

A 2-way bet refers to betting on events that only allow two possible outcomes, e.g. basketball and tennis.  

There is no draw with this type of bet.  

What does a 3-way bet mean?  

With a 3-way bet, on the other hand, there are three possible match outcomes.  

1 = Victory of the first team or home team.  

X = Draw  

2 = Victory of the second team or away team.  

What is a single bet?  

A single bet is a bet on only one single event. The odds are multiplied by the stake to give the winnings.   

What is a multiple bet?  

A multiple bet is a bet on several events. With this bet, all events must be tipped correctly for the bet to win.  

All the odds are multiplied to form a total odds. The total odds multiplied by the stake gives the winnings. 

What is an outright bet?  

An outright bet is a bet that is not decided within one day or game, but after the end of a season or championship. The result or the evaluation of this bet usually takes place after a few weeks or even months. Typical long-term bets are bets on the championship title, Champions League victory, tournament winner, etc.  

 What is a Head-to-Head bet?  

In this bet, two participants/teams are compared within a competition. The participant who achieves the better ranking is the winner of this bet. The performance of the rest of the competitors in the competition has no influence on the rating.  

 In a Head-to-Head bet, there is no possibility to bet on a draw (X). If the match ends in a draw, the bet is void.  

 What is a multiple bet with banks, and how can I play it?  

Banks can only be played within a multiple bet. The bank must be correct and is automatically added to every betting line.  

 Since we do not offer this bet on our site, there is no way to mark individual games as banks within a system bet.   

 What does win/place bet mean?  

A win/place bet consists of two bets. The first is for the selection to win, and the second is for the selection to finish in a place. In all races, the number of participants is the number of participants that fall under the starting order. 

The cumulative win/place bets are settled with win and place. In any race reduced to less than 5 participants, win/place bets will be settled as "all win" bets as there are no places available. For cumulative bets, the bet will be reset to the normal place odds according to the number of participants in each race. Place bets will not be accepted unless at least the same amount is invested to win. If there is an excess of place money over the winning money on any bet, that part of the bet is void, win, or lose. If special place bets are offered for a race, the settlement applies to all place bets on that race. 

Use our odds calculator https://www.bildbet.de/de-de/bet-calculator/each-way 

Place conditions 

 Win only                             All races                   2 - 4 starters 


 1/4 of the odds 1.2           All races                   5 - 7 starters 


 1/5 of the quota 1,2,3     All races                    8 - 11 starters 


 1/5 of the quota 1,2,3     Non-Handicaps        12 or more starters 


 1/4 of the quota 1,2,3     Handicaps                12 - 15 starters 


 1/4 of the quota 1,2,3,4  Handicaps                16 or more starters 





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