How can I verify my address?

We may need to verify your address manually. To verify your address, please provide one of the following documents that is not older than 3 months. 

We can accept any of the following documents: 

Household bills (such as electricity, water, gas bills). 

Landline, media, or internet bills (mobile phone bills are not accepted) 

Registration certificate 

Letter from authorities (employment office, social welfare office, etc.) 

Current bank statements (online banks like N26 are not accepted) 

Please make sure that we can see all the information we request on the same page, e.g. your name, address and date of issue. 

Your account will remain blocked until you provide one of the above documents. 


You can provide one of these documents by either uploading it to your account or sending it as an email attachment to 

You can also use the live chat to get more information. 

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