Use of sports bonus credit

Bonus credits are a form of bonus money that we credit to accounts that have qualified for a promotional bonus. To view your bonus balance, please click on "View balance" in the menu bar at the top. Your bonus balance and your real money will then be displayed separately. The bonus balance is marked by a small gift symbol.

To place a sports bonus bet - Select the bet and enter the stake on your betting slip, and make sure you activate "Use bonus" below the betting slip before placing the bet. This will ensure that the stake is deducted from your bonus balance. Your bet will now be placed using your bonus money.

Please note: Your stake will not be returned along with any winnings if you use sports bonus funds. The potential winnings only show the amount that will be paid out as long as the winnings exceed the total stake.

Important provisions for bets with bonus credit

 1.) You can use your bonus credit for any online bet when you place your bet on the betting slip.

2.) Any winnings above your stake on a winning bet with sports bonus credit will be credited back to your real account. The bonus credit stake is not refunded, only winnings that exceed the stake.

3.) All sports bonus bets must be placed separately from real money bets.

4.) Sports bonuses received must be placed separately and cannot be combined.

5.) Sports bonus credits are subject to a validity date. Please check the individual offer terms and conditions for confirmation.

6.) Please note that winnings from bonus funds are limited to €25,000 per customer per day.

Sports bonus bets may have to be played through before winnings from the bonus bet can be paid out. This is stated in the terms and conditions of the respective offer.

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