Why hasn't my bet been settled?

Bets are usually settled within 10-15 minutes of an event finishing and the results being known.  Live/In Play results may be settled during breaks in play such as half time (where the markets have known results).
There can sometimes be a delay during busy periods due to an influx of bets for highly popular events, in which case this time period is extended.  At all times we endeavour to have bets settled as soon as possible.  At peak times such as weekend evenings when there may be a large increase in markets passing through the settlement system we do ask for your patience as there will be unavoidable delays as the settlements are "queuing" and waiting for confirmation of results.

Please note, before a bet is settled we must receive official confirmation of the result from a variety of sources.  If there is any ambiguity in the result of an event then settlements will be delayed until it can be confirmed.
If you do have a query regarding settlement, please have the bet ID and details ready before contacting a host to ensure that your query is dealt with as efficiently as possible.
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