A related bet occurs when betting on one outcome can be seen to lead to, or influence the outcome of another selection in your bet.

For example, betting on Team A to score 3 goals in a double combined with more than 2.5 goals to be scored in a match would be related as one winning selection means the other wins by default. 

Unless special odds are quoted (including Scorecasts), multiple bets (doubles and upwards) are not accepted that involve related contingencies.

If taken in error as part of a double bet, the stake will be divided equally as separate singles.

If a multiple bet containing any related contingencies has been accepted in error, the stake will be equally split into smaller multiple bets where the selections are not related, and therefore do not clash.

Related bets should not be accepted by BildBet systems however sometimes a bet is accepted erroneously in which case the following settlement procedures will apply: 

1. Related bets – not including managers specials or single markets only

Bets are split to highest possible non related multiples, we will endeavour to contact customers via email to confirm.

2. Related bets - containing single only markets but not all singles only

Singles only removed from bet and are placed as singles, all other selections placed as highest possible multiples without relation.

3. Related bets - all single only markets

Bets are settled as singles.

Rules apply when every selection should only be available as a single for example whoscored.com markets.

In the rare event of duplicate fixtures being erroneously published on our site any multiple bets placed which involves the same selection multiple times will be made void regardless of the outcome of the bet.

Extraordinary circumstances

1. in the event that a bet is not identified prior to the first part starting or completing BildBet may offer a special price correct at the time the mistake is realised. This price will be offered with a deadline by which time it must be accepted in writing by the player, if it is not accepted within this time frame the bet will be settled according to the standard related bets rule.

This is completely at the discretion of BildBet and is not negotiable.


Betting markets: BildBet does not guarantee that all betting markets listed here can be offered due to the licensing requirements of the Darmstadt Regional Council.

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