1. Postponement 

Bets placed on postponed or cancelled games will stand so long as the game is replayed within 1 calendar day of the original start time.  If the match does not take place within 1 calendar day of the original start time all bets will be void unless the result for the specified market has already been determined. 

2. Change of Venue

If a match is no longer played at the venue advertised, bets already placed will stand provided that the home team is still designated as such and the venue has not been changed to the opponent’s ground.  If the home and away team for a match are reversed, then bets placed on the original listing will be void. 

3. Settlement of Bets

Bets will be settled according to the official result as declared by the Netball governing body. 

Overtime periods do not count for settlement purposes; unless otherwise stated  

All stakes are returned when the final score falls on the number for 2 way betting (e.g handicap lines or total points scored), termed as a 'push', but will stand if a draw/tie price is quoted (for any 3 way betting).

Dead-heat rules apply to the Highest Scoring Quarter. 

If a game is abandoned after the start there must be 5 minutes or less of scheduled game time left for bets to have action (including 2nd half specific bets), unless the outcome has already been determined.  If no action is called then bets will be made void and stakes returned.

4. Maximum Payout

Maximum payout limits can be found here.


Betting markets: BildBet does not guarantee that all betting markets listed here can be offered due to the licensing requirements of the Darmstadt Regional Council.

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