1. 80 Minutes Play

All bets are settled on 80 minutes play including stoppage time added by the match officials.  Extra-time does not count for betting purposes unless otherwise stated.

2. Outright Betting 

Outright betting is for the regular season only, unless otherwise stated.

3. Abandoned Matches 

Should a match be abandoned before 80 minutes play then all bets will be declared void unless a definitive result for the specified market has already been determined.   For example, if bets such as ‘First Try Scorer’ are resolved at the time of abandonment, they will stand.

4. Postponed Matches 

Postponed matches are deemed void for betting purposes unless they are replayed within 36 hours.

5. Match Betting

In 3-way handicap betting a tie price will be quoted and if the game is a draw on the handicap, then win bets on each team will be losers.

6. First/Last/Anytime Tryscorer

6.1. Every effort will be made to offer prices for all players, however in the event of a player scoring either the first or last try but not being quoted, all bets will stand. 

6.2. Bets on players taking no part in the match will be void as will bets on First Tryscorer where the selection comes on after the first try has been scored.   If the player selected has taken the field at any time prior to the first try being scored then bets will stand. 

6.3. Bets will stand on players that take any part in the match for last or anytime tryscorer bets. 

6.4. In First and Last Tryscorer markets, penalty tries DO NOT count. 

7. Change of Venue 

In the event of a change of venue, bets will stand providing the change is not to the opponent's ground in which case all bets will be void.

8. Penalty Tries

Penalty Tries will be counted in markets for Match Totals, Team Try Totals and First Scoring Play.  Penalty Tries do not count in First/Last Try Scorer Markets. 

9. Team Totals – Odd/Even

A bet on whether the team total score in a match will be an odd or even number.  For settlement purposes, Zero (0) is considered to be an even number.  

10. Total Points – Over/Under

In the event of a whole number being quoted (e.g. 26), a price will be provided for under 26, over 26 or exactly 26. 

11. Highest Scoring Half

The second half total excludes extra-time, unless otherwise specified. 

12. Double Result

A bet on the outcome of the match at half-time and full-time. 

13. Winning Margin

The Margin at full-time will be applied for settlement purposes.  A draw price will always be quoted. 

14. Race to 10, 15 etc. 

A bet on the team to reach a specified point total first.  Neither option may be quoted. 

15. Will there be a sin-binning/drop goal

Bets will be settled on 80 minutes Play. 

16. Team to win both halves

Bets will stand once both halves have been completed. 

17. Man of the Match

17.1 The Man of the Match market will be settled according to the result decided by Sky Sports.

17.2 If no announcement is made during the live broadcast on the relevant channel or on the broadcaster’s official website within twenty-four hours of the result then all bets on this market will be void. 

18. Season Betting – Top Tryscorer 

Settlement of bets will be based on the regular season only.

19.  Next Coach Betting

Every effort will be made to quote all potential new managers for the market, but should a manager not quoted be appointed, all bets will stand. Caretaker and Temporary managers will not count unless they complete at least 10 competitive games or the club indicate the manager will be appointed to cover at least 10 or more games. They will then be deemed the permanent manager and paid as a winner without clients having to wait for 10 or more games to be completed.

20. How Many Video Referee Decisions

How many times will the referee ask the video referee to decide on a try

21. Non Completion

If a competition is not completed due to unforeseen circumstances, BildBet will settle all bets as per the decision made by the relevant governing body.

22. Maximum Payout

See here for Maximum Payout Limits


Betting markets: BildBet does not guarantee that all betting markets listed here can be offered due to the licensing requirements of the Darmstadt Regional Council.

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