Cash Out Rules

1. Cash Out is available for Football, Tennis, Basketball, Horse Racing, Snooker, Badminton, Table Tennis and Volleyball markets but only where you see the Cash Out icon within the betting market header.

2. Cash out allows you to lock in a profit or close your bet for a loss before the market would ordinarily be settled.

3. Cash Out is considered a settlement of the original bet and our standard bet acceptance and settlement rules apply to all bets in line with our betting terms and conditions.

4. Cash Out amounts displayed include your stake and the amount cashed out is the amount that will be reflected in your account history. 

5. Cash Out amounts are non-negotiable and BildBet will not enter into discussion as to the Cash Out amount offered.

6. Cash Out is available on Football, Tennis, Basketball, Horse Racing, Snooker, Badminton, Table Tennis and Volleyball for certain betting markets, both pre-event and in-play, win single bets, accumulators and permutation bets.

7. Qualifying permutation bets are as follows: Patent, Trixie, Yankee, Lucky 15, Lucky 31, Lucky 63, Heinz, Canadian, Super Heinz, Goliath, Doubles, Trebles. This is not an exhaustive list, if you have any queries on what type of bets are covered please contact

8. For your Pre-match bet to be eligible for Cash Out during in-play betting the betting market must be a cash out market and it must be available and updated during in-play betting.

9. During in-play betting a bet delay will apply to Cash Out requests which will be in line with the standard bet placement delay for in-play bets.

10. Where one or more legs of a bet have been made void due to a postponement or cancellation the cash out values will be determined based on the availability and prices of the remaining selections.

11. Where a fixture or a betting market has been amended or changed (for example a date change or change of venue) cash out availability may be affected.

12. Where there has been an error made in settlement of a bet or a leg within a bet, Cash Out may become unavailable for the duration of that bet.

13. Cash Out availability is not guaranteed and BildBet does not recommend that you place a bet solely for the purpose of using the Cash Out option as it may not be available.  All bets will stand even if Cash Out is not available.  

14. BildBet does not accept any responsibility for technical issues that affect the availability of our Cash Out service. Bets placed will stand regardless of the availability of Cash Out.

15. Where an error (as set out in our Terms & Conditions) occurs that bet selection will not be available to Cash Out. 

16. Bets Placed with promo Cash will generate a Cash Out offer, however, the offer will only become available when it is greater than the total stake of the bet and the offer will automatically deduct the bonus funds stake, which is non-returnable.

17. BildBet reserves the right to withdraw or suspend our Cash Out service on any sport, competition, event or market or to any Customer without prior notification.

18. BildBet will not be held responsible for any promotional messaging that may be on display on our website, mobile channel or on any marketing channels when our Cash out service is not operating.

19. Any customer deemed to be attempting to abuse a promotional offer through the use of Cash Out may have all relevant bets voided at our sole discretion.

20. BildBet reserve the right to reverse or amend Cash Out settlement if the bet or a market is settled in error (for example, a human error or a technical error) or in the unlikely event that a cash out value has been incorrectly offered.

21. The maximum real cash benefit that any customer will receive from any BildBet bonuses or concessions including Best Odds Guaranteed is 25.000 € per day (a day is 00.00-23.59 CET). If any Cashed Out bet has been paid an amount greater than 25.000 €, BildBet may recoup the additional payment at it's discretion.

22. The maximum cash out offer will be 50.000 € per bet. BildBet reserves the right to apply a pay out limit to a cashed out bet retrospectively. Our pay out limits are available here.


Betting markets: BildBet does not guarantee that all betting markets listed here can be offered due to the licensing requirements of the Darmstadt Regional Council.

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