Each-Way Betting

An each-way bet consists of two wagers. The first is for the selection to win and the second is for the selection to achieve a place. In all races the number of runners shall be the number of runners coming under starters orders.

Each-way accumulative bets are settled win-to-win and place-to-place. In any race reduced to fewer than 5 starters, each-way bets will be taken as ‘all-to-win’ given that there are no places available. In accumulative wagers, the bet reverts to normal place odds according to the number of runners in each race Place bets are not accepted unless at least an equal amount is invested to win. Where there is excess place money over win money in each-way bets, then that part of the bet will be void, win or lose. When special place betting is offered for a race, this will rule settlement for all place bets on that race.

You can use our Each Way Calculator


 Win only  All races  2 - 4 runners
 1/4 odds 1,2  All races  5 - 7 runners
 1/5 odds 1,2,3  All races  8 - 11 runners
 1/5 odds 1,2,3  Non-Handicaps  12 or more runners
 1/4 odds 1,2,3  Handicaps  12 - 15 runners
 1/4 odds 1,2,3,4  Handicaps  16 or more runners
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