I Self-Excluded. Can I re-open my account?

You can only open your account when your self-exclusion period is up.

The periods we offer for self-exclusion range from three months up to five years. You will only be able to re-open your account after the period you have chosen has expired.

In order to do so, we require a corresponding notification from you via email or live chat. After we have received this, we will send you an email with further details. We will discuss the details of the account opening in a telephone conversation.

You are fully responsible for the further use of your account. We also ask that you read our responsible gambling pages.

We value you and are pleased that you are using our services, but at the same time it is important to us that you have a safe and responsible approach to gambling.

If after some time you feel that you are again having problems with gambling and spending too much money or time on it, again please consider self-exclusion.

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