Taking Time Out

You want to take a break from your gambling activities for a period of time of your own choosing, then you can opt for a time-out.

Even if you are in control of your gambling, it can be a good idea to take a break every now and then.

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A time-out period (from 48 hours to a maximum of 6 weeks) is determined by you. During this time you will not have access to your account, you will not receive any marketing offers and your account can only be reopened after the agreed time has elapsed.

Another way to take some time out from online gambling is to install a "blocker" on your device; three effective blockers are Gamblock (www.gamblock.com), Betfilter (www.betfilter.com) or Betblocker (www.betblocker.org), which you can use on both desktop and mobile.

If you think you have a serious gambling problem, you should strongly consider self-exclusion.

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