Bildbet GEO Location Help

We have enabled location tracking on our website to control access to our site/apps from restricted areas.

The following instructions show you how to inform us of your current location so that we can check whether we can legally offer our service in that country.


Step 1: Turn on your location.

Go to Settings on your Android phone or tablet.

Under Settings, tap Location (depending on your device, this feature may be located elsewhere).

Activate this setting.

Open the BildBet website in your mobile phone's browser and refresh the website.

If you do not receive an error message after opening the BildBet page and receiving your device location information, please tap "Allow".

If you still receive an error message when you open the BildBet page, please follow the instructions below.

Step 2: Allow current access to your browser location.


Open Chrome on your Android phone or tablet.

Tap "more" in the top right corner.

Tap Settings.

Under "Advanced", tap on Website Settings.

Tap Location > Turn this on.

If you see "Location access is turned off for this device", tap the words in blue on the next screen and turn on location access.

If you see "blocked" under "Location", tap blocked > tap any Google page you see > Delete & Reset.

Open the BildBet page in your smartphone browser and refresh the webpage.

iPhone & iPad

Step 1: Turn on your location.


Open the settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap Privacy > Location Services > Safari Websites.

Under "Allow location access" tap "When using the app".

Step 2: Access your current location in your browser.


Open the settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap General > Reset.

Tap Reset Location & Privacy.

If your passcode is required, please enter it.

You'll get a message that says, "This will reset your location and privacy settings to factory defaults." Tap Reset Settings.

Open Safari.

Go to the BildBet website.

To allow Safari access to your location, tap "Allow" or "OK."

To allow BildBet access to your location, tap "OK".

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