I am told I have insufficient funds when trying to place my bet, Why?

If you receive this error message then you will be unable to place your bet(s) until you deposit further or lower your stake.

Both of these options will be available after receiving the error message by selecting either 'deposit' or 'continue' from the same bet slip window.

Before doing this please ensure you have entered the stake correctly, it is an easy mistake to enter '100' when you had intended to bet only '10' for example.

This error message can sometimes occur when you have exactly the right funds to place your bet.  For example, you have a 5 € balance and attempt to place a bet for 5 € but are prevented from doing so, the error message "Top up your balance,  insufficient funds in your account" appears.

This is due to a minor technical issue which rarely occurs and can be easily resolved by contacting us via Live Chat, immediately after the failed bet.

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