My bet has been rejected, why?

If you are struggling to place your bet successfully it means your bet is being rejected; this can occur for a number of reasons, some of them being:
Price amendment - A price change has occurred meaning the previous odds are no longer available.
Rejected by our Traders - Traders are unable to accept your bet and may offer it at reduced odds or a smaller stake.
Insufficient funds - Balance is too low to cover the bet.
Passed the cut off point - Event has started and pre event betting is no longer available.
Related bet - The outcome of one selection may influence the outcome of another in a multiple.
Failed deposit - The deposit is rejected when you try to pay at the same time as placing your bet.
Singles only used in a multiple bet - Some special bets cannot be added into multiples.

For more information regarding your rejected bet and if it will be possible to place it, you can contact us anytime via Live Chat, email us at

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