Exclude yourself from gambling with us for a minimum of 3 month.

Please choose one of the three periods above, enter your password and confirm. You can also request self-exclusion via live chat or by emailing spielerschutz@bildbet.de.

To re-open your account at the end of the exclusion period, you will be required to confirm by phone, with a 24-hour waiting period to reconsider your request.

We are required to link our customers to the national player exclusion system for self-exclusion. You also have the option to self-exclude yourself from gambling directly through our website.

Self-exclusion is designed for customers who want help to prevent them from gambling. It is designed to allow players to close accounts for an extended period of time and receive our support. This is to prevent bets from being placed during the specified period.

For customers who make use of our self-exclusion, we will make every effort to prevent new accounts from being opened for the agreed period.

Any customer who wishes to be prevented from using their account should always use the self-exclusion facility as accounts that have been closed by other means may be re-opened at our discretion.

Self-exclusion is a measure designed to help you stop gambling, but to be effective you must agree not to attempt to circumvent the restrictions imposed by self-exclusion, for example by opening a new account.

The self-exclusion will not affect transactions (including deposits, withdrawals, bets and transfers) made prior to the self-exclusion. Once an account has been closed due to self-exclusion, no transaction is possible.

The easiest way to self-exclude is to use the form below. However, if you prefer to self-exclude via email, please ensure that you use the email address on file with your account details so that we can process your request as quickly as possible.

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