Cancellation of your deposits and withdrawals

BildBet reserves the right to cancel, amend or re-execute deposits and withdrawals in order to comply with the strict requirements of card issuers.

BildBet cannot be held liable for any additional costs incurred as a result of these mandatory regulations.

Please note that the payment method used for withdrawal must be the same as the one used for deposit into your BildBet account.

To ensure the security of electronic funds transfers, BildBet may request additional verification at any time.

Additional Information

There may be occasions when our security team will cancel withdrawals in order to carry out additional checks.

In such cases, the funds will be deducted from your account for the duration of the investigation.

If irregularities are found during the investigation, we reserve the right to withhold funds. The responsibility for any balance rests with the account holder and all bets and wagers placed remain valid.

As part of our commitment to preventing internet fraud, we reserve the right to request documentation and full identification when requesting the withdrawal of funds that have been deposited but not converted. We also request reimbursement of all merchant fees incurred as a result of transactions.

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