How do I clear my cookies?

We have compiled a selection of the most common browsers and how you can delete the cookies for you.

Microsoft Edge

Open Microsoft Edge and select "Settings and more".

1. Then click on "Settings", followed by "Privacy, Search and Services".
2. Under "Delete browser data", select "Select item to delete", followed by the time period.
3. Then select "Cookies and other website data".
4. Confirm your selection with "Delete now".


Start Google Chrome and open the menu by clicking on the dots in the top right corner:

1. Select "More tools" from the drop-down menu.
2. Then click on "Clear browser data".
3. Select the option "Cookies and other website data" and the time period.
4. Confirm your selection with "Delete data".

Mozilla Firefox

Start Firefox and click on "Menu" in the upper right corner:

1. Select "Library" from the drop-down menu, followed by "History".
2. Click on "Delete recent history".
3. Select the time period and which data you want to delete.
4. Confirm your selection with "OK".


Start Safari and click on Safari in the menu bar:

1. Select "Clear History", followed by the time period.
2. Under "Details" you can delete the cookies for certain pages instead of all of them.
3. Confirm the action with "Clear History".

You can also use the reset function of Safari to delete cookies and reset other actions.

If you only want to clear the cache, click on the Safari icon:

1. Under "Advanced", select the Developer menu so that it is displayed in the menu bar.
2. There you can click on "Empty cache" to empty the cache.


Start Opera and the settings:

1. Now select "Privacy and Security".
2. Under "Privacy" you will find the item "Clear browser data".
3. Select the desired time period and activate "Images and files in cache".
4. Click on "Delete browser data" to delete the data.

iPhone/iOS devices

1. Click on "Settings" and on "Safari":

2. Select "Clear history and website data" to delete the history and cookies.
Confirm the action.

This way you can delete the cookies but keep the history:

1. Click on "Advanced" and select "Website data" followed by "Remove all website data".
Confirm the action.

2. For more information on deleting cookies, visit this website:

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