German betting tax

Since 2012, a tax of 5 % has to be paid in Germany for bets on sports. This applies to all bets placed by German customers and by customers staying in Germany.

Every bookmaker who legally offers sports betting must pay these taxes to the tax authorities. We have summarized the most important questions about betting tax for you here.

What is the betting tax?

The betting tax is a 5% levy that must be paid to the tax authorities for bets on sports. It does not matter whether the bet is won or lost, because the tax relates to the stake of the bet and not to the amount won.

How is the betting tax calculated?

We automatically calculate the tax amount of 5%, the so-called odds deduction, from all sports bet you place. So, you don't have to worry about anything. Under "My bets" in your account, you can see the possible winnings and the odds deduction for each bet. This will only be deducted if you win your bet.

Who has to pay the betting tax?

We pay the betting tax for all bets placed by German customers or from Germany. With the odds discount of 5%, you contribute to the tax when you win and help us to offer our usual high odds.

Is the betting tax due for all bets?

Not for you, but for us, it is! As a licensed bookmaker, we are obliged to pay the tax on all sports bets - regardless of whether the bet is won or lost. We take over this tax for our customers and only charge the 5% odds deduction if you win your bet.

Is the odds deduction also due for a losing bet?

No, if your bet loses, we pay 100% of the tax on your bet. There is no odds deduction.

What happens with free bets and bets with bonus credit?

If you place a free bet or a bet with bonus credit, this tax amount is not due, even if you win the bet. You can therefore enjoy your entire winnings minus the bonus credit!

What do I do if I have further questions about the betting tax?

If you have any further questions about betting tax, please contact our customer service. Our team is well-trained and happy to help you!

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