What does phishing mean?

We care about your account security!

Phishing is a form of fraud in which strangers try to obtain your account details.

The most common phishing methods are sending suspicious emails and fake websites.

Suspicious emails

Phishing emails are often disguised as coming directly from BildBet.

In such emails, for example, special promotions are advertised in which you can participate. If you log in to the website, you pass on your account data.

But an account closure, verification or password reset can also be stated as reasons why you should definitely log in to your account.

These emails sometimes contain basic spelling and grammar errors that do not appear in a professional email. Be aware of such errors.


Do not respond to emails asking for your account information.

When communicating with one of our customer support representatives, you will only need to confirm your account details via email. Please note, our customer support will never ask for your password.

Also, please never click on links in emails that seem suspicious to you. If you are unsure whether an email is coming from us or is a fake, please feel free to contact our customer support and ask. We are here to help you.

Official BildBet emails are sent with the domain @bildbet.de. Be careful if you receive an email from another domain.

But even an email that seems to be from an official domain could be fake. You can check the header of the email to see where it actually comes from.


 Fake websites

Please never rely on the mere appearance of a website. Fraudsters can create fake websites that look official.

Our website, where you can find our offer and from where you can log in to your account, is https://www.bildbet.de.

Even if you are asked to do so, please do not log in to any other website that does not have this domain or is one of the official websites that can be accessed from there.

If you log in to a fake website using your Bildbet account details, you are putting the security of your account at risk as you are giving out your login details.

Two-factor authentication

To better protect your account, we recommend that you activate two-factor authentication. You can find this option in your account under "Settings".

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