Giropay ID verification

Giropay ID is a secure and fast method to verify your account. Verification is necessary to ensure the security of your account. As a bookie with a licence from the Darmstadt Regional Council, we are obliged to carry out these checks.

You have 30 days for verification after you have opened an account. However, we would like to ask you to carry out the procedure as soon as possible, as only then can you use your account without restrictions. For example, deposits over €150 and withdrawals of winnings are only possible once your account has been fully verified.

You can choose from the following three methods to verify your account:

giropay ID,
1-cent verification or
ID card video verification.

Choose your preferred method and verify your account today!

Frequently asked questions about giropay-ID verification:

What is giropay-ID?

With giropay-ID, verification takes place via your bank. Your bank tells us whether you are of age or not. This type of verification only takes a few seconds, but your bank must offer this service.

Why do I have to do a verification with giropay-ID?

The giropay ID process is one of three methods we offer for verifying an account. We have to carry out this type of verification because we are obliged to do so as a bookie with a German licence. The verification is for your protection and that of your account.

How long do I have for the verification with giropay-ID?

Generally, you have a maximum of 30 days after opening an account to verify it. However, you can only deposit a maximum of 150 € until the verification is successful, withdrawal of winnings is not possible. You can only fully use your account once you have successfully completed the process.

What happens if I do not verify my giropay ID?

If you do not want to or cannot do the verification via giropay-ID because your bank does not offer this service, please choose one of the other two methods. It is important that you do not miss the 30-day deadline, otherwise we will unfortunately have to block your account. If you want to fully use your account, a quick verification is the only way!

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